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Cooking with Herbs: How to Cook and Recipes For Borage, Cooking with Calendula or Pot...
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Growing Herbs: Growing Bay Leaves, Growing and Harvesting Calendula, Which Herbs can...
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Herb Gardening: Harvesting Your Herbs, How to Preserve Herbs, Month By Month Herb...
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Latest Comments
  • Basil
    Re: Growing Rosemary
    I live just outside London. I had a rosemary bush in my front garden that thrived without attention. It grew massive and must have been five foot…
    2 October 2015
  • bry
    Re: Growing Parsley
    I have the same problem of yellowing parsley whilst other herbs are flourishing and also have used miracle gro
    17 September 2015
  • HerbExpert
    Re: Growing and Harevesting Borage
    obie - Your Question:When can I start to sow borage seeds, and can I start them off in a electric propagatorthen put them in…
    20 August 2015
  • obie
    Re: Growing and Harevesting Borage
    When can I start to sow borage seeds, and can I start them off in a electric propagator then put them in degradable pots into…
    19 August 2015
  • stoffel
    Re: Forgotten Herbs to Grow: Sorrel, Lovage, Summer Savory, Angelica
    I planted a Lovage plant I acquired from a garden centre 2 years ago, it is now 3…
    12 August 2015
  • Laga
    Re: Growing Parsley
    As above. I too would like to solve the yellowing problem.
    11 August 2015
  • sunskin
    Re: Growing Fennel: Bulbed and Seed Varieties
    I think I've been growing the wrong fennel! For 2 years I have grown it, it's 4 ft high, I have lovely seeds and…
    31 July 2015
  • HerbExpert
    Re: Growing Bay Leaves
    @Angie. Some bay trees never flower. Those that do are usually very mature ones. there is some excellent information here.
    15 July 2015
  • Angie
    Re: Growing Bay Leaves
    I have two beautiful standard bay trees planted in the ground in a sheltered garden which is situated in the sunny south of England. I have had…
    11 July 2015
  • Maimoona
    Re: Growing Mint
    I have a problem in planting onions. I tried to regrow them with the cut pieces in pots covered with loose soil and I kept the soil damp but it didn't…
    27 May 2015
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