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About Herbs: Babies and Herbal Treatments, Herbal Treatments for Animals, Old...
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Ask Our Experts: Has My Rosemary Plant Died?, What Herbs Can I Grow in a Window...
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Cooking with Herbs: How to Cook and Recipes For Borage, Cooking with Calendula or Pot...
Growing Herbs
Growing Herbs: Growing Bay Leaves, Growing and Harvesting Calendula, Which Herbs can...
Herb Gardening
Herb Gardening: Harvesting Your Herbs, How to Preserve Herbs, Month By Month Herb...
Herbal Tea
Herbal Tea: The Different Types of Herbal Tea...
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Herbs for Beauty: Herbal Cosmetic Treatments for Men, Herbal Treatments for Your Skin,...
Latest Comments
  • Daisy
    Re: Growing Basil
    I was given a piece of Greek basil from someone who went to Greece last year.I put it in water and grew lots of roots so I planted it up.I managed to…
    28 July 2014
  • HerbExpert
    Re: Growing Fennel: Bulbed and Seed Varieties
    mamaemp. Red fennel isn't something we're familiar with. With bulbed fennel (ie. Florence fennel) can…
    9 July 2014
  • HerbExpert
    Re: Building a Herb Garden
    @ Sonali Tyagi. Check out our article on Growing coriander here
    2 July 2014
  • Cookie
    Re: Common Problems When Growing Herbs
    I have grown herbs for many years with great success. But last year, I had a terrible problem with my basel and it's…
    22 June 2014
  • Nita
    Re: Growing Bay Leaves
    My next door neighbour complaint about our growing bayleaf tree . He thinks that the root will cause a cracks on his wall . Is it true?
    16 June 2014
  • Sunny Soleil
    Re: Growing and Harevesting Borage
    I have been posting this on my facebook pages.. and in our group EdibleEastbourne.. we're determined to make our town edible. I…
    14 April 2014
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