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Fadhel said:
Sunday, 24 Dec 2017
Please I need help I have many problem and no correct information have. also I cant see on the web what am looking for I have serious problems . please help me by guiding me after study my health problems the perfect herbs I have to use, thanks with my best wishes yours
Tamara said:
Sunday, 13 Aug 2017
Looking forward to learning more about herbs.
Brian said:
Saturday, 13 May 2017
Congratulations on producing a well designed and informative site. My only criticism is that the search facility did not work properly when I looked for basil and returned error messages. This is my first visit and I will certainly visit again. Thank you.
Beng Wah said:
Wednesday, 13 Apr 2016
Am very glad there is such a herb website. I enjoyed reading your articles and hope to put these pointers into practice.
Tally said:
Saturday, 6 Feb 2016
Great site. I'm 'green to growing' so thought I would start with herbs as we love using them fresh in cooking. Looking forward to your newsletter
Patricia said:
Saturday, 4 Apr 2015
I am excited to receive your newsletter and to learn what you are teaching. Thank you so much! Patricia
Helen said:
Friday, 26 Dec 2014
Thank you - a helpful and informative site
Rosemary said:
Monday, 1 Sep 2014
Interesting and informative.
Jordon said:
Saturday, 28 Jun 2014
I make my own cosmetics. anything relative to best combinations and reactions to home grown herbs, best books, etc. thanks.
Lynne said:
Monday, 5 Nov 2012
I have started growing my own herbs, and would welcome any information re growing herbs, recipes, and other uses of herbs. Thanks, Lynne.
Diane said:
Sunday, 21 Oct 2012
Thank you for supplying me with the information to care for the few herbs that I have. Easy to understand and not too difficult to carry out.
PETER said:
Saturday, 11 Aug 2012
I stumbled on your site whilst looking for an answer to a thyme problem, your site looks very impressive and seems to contain just about all i'll ever need to know about my container grown herbs, thank you x
Claudia said:
Wednesday, 1 Aug 2012
Thanks, finding this invaluable, my rosemary was yellowing. will also look at the roots ....thanks
Ellen said:
Tuesday, 17 Jul 2012
I came to look up Borage and how to plant it and found your site very interesting. Thank you! I use a lot of herbs in cooking so the recipes are great too! I look forward to your newsletters. Ellen
JOHN said:
Thursday, 5 Jul 2012
I have found this an excellent and helpful site
Margaret said:
Monday, 18 Jun 2012
I live in Ontario canada and would like to grow some herbs in containers thank you
Lena said:
Sunday, 3 Jun 2012
Greetings. Thank you so much for your very informative site and newsletter!!! Blessings, Lena.
Sue said:
Wednesday, 2 May 2012
Look forward to receiving your newsletter. Thank you very much.Have a happy day !
Claytonia said:
Friday, 6 Apr 2012
Found your site very helpful so far thanks. Am growing herbs for the first time. Is it normal for coriander and parsley to be so spindly and fall over?
Colin said:
Tuesday, 3 Apr 2012
Hi there,have tried growing herbs for a couple of years now and have just found your site and my first thought was,WOW.Brilliant,just what I have been looking for.Thank you. Best wishes Colin
Pam said:
Friday, 30 Mar 2012
I have enjoyed my first visit very much. This is a great resource that I will return to again and again. thank you.
Rob said:
Sunday, 4 Mar 2012
I've just used google to look up how to grow horseradish and looked on this site very helpful tips very interesting thank you
Gerld said:
Monday, 23 Jan 2012
Thanks for a wonderful resource
Patricia said:
Wednesday, 4 Jan 2012
Hi, In the summer my newly planted mint plant was great. Now winter has arrived, its leggy and the leaves have dropped off. Do I leave it alone, or do I cut the stems, and if so to what height from the ground? Kind regards, Patricia
Dianne said:
Saturday, 8 Oct 2011
I love herbs...thank you for this site
Carla said:
Friday, 16 Sep 2011
Very well presented site with very useful information!
Marilyn said:
Monday, 22 Aug 2011
I enjoy growing herbs,especially different mints,would they be ok if I grew them in big tomato pots then buried the pots in the garden,so they don't spread everywhere? Cheers, Marilyn.
LEX said:
Wednesday, 8 Jun 2011
This was the most helpful website with regards to finding the info I need to help me set up my new herb garden
Tash said:
Thursday, 12 May 2011
I stumbled across your site and love the easy to read and follow instructions and have already started planting my own herb garden on the patio. Cant wait to receive the newsletters!
David said:
Thursday, 14 Apr 2011
I look forward to hearing from you in due course
Gareth said:
Wednesday, 30 Mar 2011
I am an expat living in the north of argentina. I love cooking and find it really great to have a herb garden to cook with herbs that remind me of England and that are not easily available here. Great site !
Tania said:
Monday, 28 Mar 2011
Great site - lots of useful tips.
Helen said:
Tuesday, 22 Feb 2011
Great site. have a small holding and intend to grow lavender and perhaps other herbs too. great help to be found on this site.
Jeannie said:
Sunday, 6 Feb 2011
Really great website, lots of useful info
Maggie said:
Sunday, 6 Feb 2011
My first time on the site and it looks good. Will look forward to referring to it when I start growing herbs. It's also valuable as a form of using herbs in cooking etc.
Paul said:
Saturday, 5 Feb 2011
An informative and enjoyable Web page
Holly said:
Thursday, 30 Dec 2010
I really like your format and info I am in central america but find the information help ful
Melissa Monty said:
Thursday, 2 Sep 2010
WOW what a great website I am doing a school project on Herbs and it is exactly what I need! Thumbs up guys!
Jeff said:
Monday, 30 Aug 2010
Looks like a useful site
Chris said:
Saturday, 21 Aug 2010
Great site,all I need to know about growing and using herbs,kep up the good work
Trevor said:
Friday, 13 Aug 2010
I am a rank Novice/Newcomer/Amateur when it comes to herbs. First visit to your site gave me some useful info. Found out why my coriander had bolted. I bought it from a supermarket and immediately potted it on. BIG MISTAKE.
Stephen said:
Saturday, 7 Aug 2010
Attractive website. Looking forward to applying some of your ideas
Christine said:
Wednesday, 4 Aug 2010
A fantastic site, I am going to be growing herbs and have found ALL the information I need here, thank you.
Derrick said:
Sunday, 25 Jul 2010
Details are for my wife who enjoys cooking with fresh herbs
Pauline said:
Friday, 9 Jul 2010
I'm learning to eat more naturaly and live of the land in my garden to improve my qualiy of life & well being. Growing my own herbs is an esstial part of my plan which I'm journaling as 'New Life'Your ite is like a mentor, Thanks Pauline
Donna said:
Wednesday, 23 Jun 2010
This site suits me im a novice my rosemary is growing so fast the tips are great thankyou
Claudio said:
Thursday, 10 Jun 2010
Thank you so much
Patricia said:
Wednesday, 12 May 2010
I love growing herbs in pots every year but I sometimes forget to water them and as a result, they always die. Can you assist. Thank you.
Fiona said:
Monday, 26 Apr 2010
Such a good site. Well presented and easy to use. I look forward to the newsletter.
Terry said:
Sunday, 25 Apr 2010
A very informative website..!
Carole said:
Tuesday, 20 Apr 2010
Thank you so much for such a brilliant web-site which will enhance my herbal skills, both for growing and cooking with herbs. Many thanks
Luna said:
Monday, 15 Mar 2010
Wonderful article on Horseradish! I have just discovered it myself and am really looking forward to trying out some of your recipe suggestions!
Jillyan said:
Thursday, 4 Mar 2010
This is a great site, thank you.
Bill said:
Sunday, 14 Feb 2010
An absolute beginner growing herbs - your site looks great for the beginner and expert alike.
Rosemary said:
Tuesday, 9 Feb 2010
I enjoyed looking at your beautifully presented and informative web site. I love growing herbs and making herb posies. Thank you. Rosemary
Vera said:
Saturday, 6 Feb 2010
Wonderful information site... thank you
Andrea said:
Tuesday, 5 Jan 2010
Very interesting and useful site.
Linda said:
Friday, 13 Nov 2009
Look forward to seeing your newsletter.Linda
Joy said:
Wednesday, 28 Oct 2009
When I first delved into this site I was impressed with the in depth information I found on various subjects I was looking at.
Sian said:
Wednesday, 30 Sep 2009
New to your site, looking forward to learning new things about herbs!
Tuesday, 18 Aug 2009
Paul said:
Tuesday, 11 Aug 2009
Hello just discovered your sight, just what im looking for .many thanks.
Karen said:
Thursday, 6 Aug 2009
What a fantastic site am so happy I found it. I have just started growing herbs so , thankyou Karen
Belinda said:
Friday, 31 Jul 2009
To whom it may concern, Re Newsletter Thank you very much for the registration.
Neville said:
Monday, 27 Jul 2009
Excellent site.some really useful info
Deborah said:
Monday, 20 Jul 2009
Very easy to use website,the information I was looking for was easy to find, clear instructions.
Don said:
Saturday, 27 Jun 2009
Life is a learning curve and even at a generous age I still learn. Please do NOT pass on my details to other Agencys-websites ect. With thanks
Derek said:
Wednesday, 24 Jun 2009
A very informative site- I look forward to using it for reference in the future
John said:
Saturday, 6 Jun 2009
I work in an environmentally friendly conservation area where a herb garden was built several years ago but was not looked after. After some research on your site I already have several ideas about how to tackle this major problem and I look forward to your regular newsletters so I can get further ideas about where to go on this rather large project. Thank you.
Rachel said:
Wednesday, 27 May 2009
This site has a good comprehensive overview of herbs. Just what I am looking for, thank you
Jan said:
Sunday, 24 May 2009
Lovely site with good recipes - great to finally find a use for borage other than in Pimms!
Thursday, 21 May 2009
Kevin said:
Wednesday, 6 May 2009
The website is very interesting with nicely arranged topics for cooking health etc. If it could also include more info on medicinal uses and making the recipies for medicinal use.
John said:
Tuesday, 5 May 2009
I'm a great Herb 'fan' and looking forward to receiving the newsletter! Thanks!
Susan said:
Sunday, 3 May 2009
This is such a clear concise website if you are new to growing herbs - excellent
Donald said:
Tuesday, 28 Apr 2009
Excellent website with lots of usefull information on not just growing nut using herbs as well.
Kevin said:
Monday, 27 Apr 2009
I've been inspired to start growing my own herbs in my garden and started to look for some help. I'm really impressed with the simplicity and organisation of your web-site and the quality of the support - keep up the good work!
Anonymous said:
Monday, 27 Apr 2009
I found this site very useful for information on herbs growing
Val said:
Saturday, 11 Apr 2009
Fabulous easy website, very helpful for a new person.
Jackie said:
Thursday, 2 Apr 2009
I've just found your site, and will no doubt thoroughly enjoy reading through it. Thank you
Art said:
Sunday, 29 Mar 2009
Very helpfull, thank's and as i'm a beginner to grow herb's I use this site as my bible, thanks, Mac.
BOB said:
Wednesday, 18 Mar 2009
I found this site very informative and useful.
Maryam said:
Thursday, 5 Mar 2009
I think you are doing a fantastic job, please keep it up!
Susan said:
Monday, 23 Feb 2009
Excellent site. Very easy to navigate and no unnecessary content, very refreshing. I hope the monthly newsletter reminds me of when to start growing my herbs....I have a memory like a sieve! Are any herbs good for curing a bad memory lol
Bhav said:
Tuesday, 10 Feb 2009
Wonderful clear, easy on the eyes and inspirational site. Thank you!
Cathy said:
Friday, 6 Feb 2009
I work at the Ohio Herb Education Center in Gahanna, Ohio. I look forward to your newsletter
John said:
Thursday, 15 Jan 2009
Please could you tell me how to use dried lemon grass, do I leave it in the cooking or do I have to take it out. thank you.
Allayne said:
Friday, 2 Jan 2009
You have an extremely informative site. Thank you.
Gowri said:
Wednesday, 24 Dec 2008
This is useful website.
Ancha said:
Thursday, 11 Dec 2008
HerbExpert is just extremely helpful and interesting!
Bridget said:
Monday, 24 Nov 2008
Great site- really helpful. Thank you.
Christine said:
Monday, 10 Nov 2008
I enjoy your site very much and wish to lerarn more.
Paula said:
Wednesday, 15 Oct 2008
This looks like it could be a really useful teaching aid for my diploma group. Thanks.
Cheryl said:
Thursday, 9 Oct 2008
Im just starting to grow my own herbs and have found your website extremely useful and informative - great. Thanks!
Leah said:
Friday, 3 Oct 2008
So far this website has ben great, so a newsletter can only improve an already great information base for every beginner in growing herbs. well done!
Mary said:
Friday, 26 Sep 2008
Easy to use site. Good tips & photos of the herbs for identification. Thank you.
Tess said:
Saturday, 13 Sep 2008
Thanks so much for sharing your expertise to everyone. More power to Herb Expert. God bless always.
Thomas said:
Thursday, 11 Sep 2008
Great site for a beginner wishing to start a herb garden!
Anil said:
Monday, 1 Sep 2008
I am looking moor infrmaion walnut herbs Where we can use and how GREN WALNUT WOOD OF WALNUT TREE SKIN OF GREEN WALNUT THANKS
Julie said:
Monday, 28 Jul 2008
Great site - I shall be a regular visitor !!
Linda said:
Friday, 4 Jul 2008
I grow alot of herbs!! I just need to know how to dry them! Please send me some inform. Thanks, Linda
Janet said:
Thursday, 3 Jul 2008
I am a complete novice but I would like to grow some easy herbs as I like to use them in cooking and maybe medicinal purposes
Katie said:
Tuesday, 1 Jul 2008
I have visual difficulties and learning difficulty so please send information with the ability to increase/change the font if possible. many thanks
Jeremy said:
Monday, 9 Jun 2008
This looks a great site as I embark on my plan to become a herb gardener
Kal said:
Sunday, 8 Jun 2008
Im starting to grow herbs ,tomatoes,rosmary,sage etc,looking to herbalism rather than going to the supermarket more chemicals+ poisens destroying any goodness in natural veg,furthering ignorance and ill health.this connection with nature unables us to reap what we sow thank you ,site was of great help
Sandy said:
Friday, 16 May 2008
I want to know more about how to keep pesky bugs like caterpillars, ants, etc in bugs. Thanks.
Sandy said:
Wednesday, 14 May 2008
Great trouble keeping basil alive. Great site.
Maxine said:
Tuesday, 13 May 2008
I am justing starting to grow some herbs, so found your site very useful. Thank you.