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Herb Gardens to Visit in the UK & Ireland

Visit a famous herb garden for pleasure and inspiration. Many National Trust and English Heritage...

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Month By Month Herb Growing Calendar

What needs doing in the herb garden this month? Here’s a handy calendar to help...

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How to Make a Herb Garden – Tips to Start Growing Your Own

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Herb Gardening Tips

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Common Herb Problems in the Kitchen Garden

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Keeping Herb Pests Under Control

An article about controlling pests that attack herbs and how to prevent them.

Growing Herbs in Containers

An article about growing herbs in containers and how to care for them

Harvesting Your Herbs – Guide to Picking Garden Herbs

Harvesting herbs is one of the most satisfying things about growing these fragrant plants in...

Weekend Herb Projects

It’s a lovely weekend in springtime. The brightly-shining sun has taken the chill out of...